Tiago Soares is an independent filmmaker / cinematographer and "Head of video production" at Work About Design, focused on film, consultancy and design.


Based in Portugal and Switzerland, we act as a media collective studio, working and developing creative concepts based on film and design production generally.

"Viral marketing" and commercial campaigns became our consistent response among companies, understanding ourselves as a creative partner with clients, offering reliability, creativity and innovation.


Rua Francisco Sanches 123 Cave

Porto, Portugal

Rue du Conseil-Général 3-5


Geneva, Switzerland


+351 936494572

+351 224001126

Projects locations

Portugal | Brasil | UK | Belgium | France | Dubai | Jordan | Saudi Arabia   Japan | China | Philippines | United States of America | Ireland I Finland


Coca Cola | Toyota | Starbucks | Renova | Nissan | Caetano Bus | Mashreq Bank | EDP | CP-Comboios Portugal | AllJazeera TV | Salsa | Cobus Industries I Jordan Tourism Board 

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